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Banquet Hall



If you are looking for an elegant banquet hall for weddings, banquets, anniversaries, corporate parties or any other significant event, we offer you the Banquet Hall Altin Palace. We will organize and carry out your holiday at the highest level! The luxurious interior of the hall, elegantly decorated table, wonderful cuisine, music, dance, friendly and helpful staff - all this awaits you at our banquet hall!

We offer you a delicious menu that includes a variety of appetizers, delicious soups of various kinds, hot dishes of meat, poultry and fish, vegetable dishes, fresh salads, flavorful sauces, baked goods, ripe fruit, desserts and hot and cold drinks.

Our luxurious banquet hall is a perfect place for celebrations. You can order any arrangement of tables, but regardless of how the tables are placed in the hall it will be enough space for dancing and holding various competitions. We know how to entertain our guests! Altin Palace Banquet Hall is perfect for a wedding, anniversary celebration or corporate event organization.

Many banquet facilities buy food somewhere on the side, but we offer guests a very fresh, artfully prepared dishes from our restaurant. Experienced cooks know a lot about cooking, and, thanks to their skills and staff, our guests can always enjoy a mouth-watering dishes for anyone, even the most discerning taste!

Banquet Facilities Altin Palace - an ideal place for fun and big party with relatives, friends or colleagues. Call us!


Prices are from 400 to 1000 lei. The breakfast is not included (breakfast costs 50 lei per person). Discounts are available.