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"Champions are not in the gyms.

To be a champion - you need to start deep inside -

with desires, dreams and a clear idea of their success, "

Mohammed Ali




Gym - is a perfect place for those who care about their health. There are different kinds of exercise equipment and cardio equipment. Professional elliptical and exercise bike, treadmills, equipment for functional training, strength trainers and free weights area 11 hours a day, are ready to guests. The facility was build according to the best comfort of guests: room is equipped with modern air-conditioning systems, ventilation, and musical accompaniment.


Power Zone of gym is equipped with exercise machines and accessories for fitness of the well-known manufacturers VASIL and TRUE.

Regular training will allow you not only lose weight but significantly improve the functions of your heart, tone up all the muscles, get the correct posture and shape your figure. Want to relieve stress? In our gym there is a punching bag.

All machines are equipped with display that allows you to choose customized degree of the intensity of training.

A professional fitness trainer will give you personal advise according to you objectives.

If you're new to the gym or you have no experience in using exercise machines, do not be upset - ask the instructor, and after a few months you will be able to evaluate the result of consultations.



Prices are from 400 to 1000 lei. The breakfast is not included (breakfast costs 50 lei per person). Discounts are available.